Wild Home was born out of a love for travel, African heritage and a desire to encourage people to think about sustainability and provenance when shopping for lifestyle and fashion products.

We sell a beautiful array of items for your wardrobe and your home, from stunning leather beaded sandals, luxurious bags to the softest throw blankets and baskets of all shapes and sizes (keep an eye out for them as we list our new products).

We wanted to create a marketplace for artisans all over the world to be able to sell their products and receive a price worthy of their incredible talents. The majority of our artisans are currently in Kenya – a country to which we have strong links. Our team in Nairobi work with our craftspeople to design, source sustainable materials and help them to tailor their products to increase saleability.

Each of our artisans run their own small businesses either from home or from their small workshops – this enables us to build great relationships and know where each individual item comes from and who has made it. For example, our beautiful sandals are made by Alex, Sharon and their small team (who they are currently training so that they can make sandals too).

We also have a program where we are able to help people who want to start a business but have not yet learnt a skill. We show them how to make several items and provide them with materials to get them started. We are then able to stock their items in our shop and they are able to earn money for themselves and their families.

Our last mission is an environmental one. We are all too aware of the waste that is produced with packaging – that is why, right from the outset, we decided that all of our packaging would either be 100% biodegradable or recyclable.

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