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A Letter From A Friend

Updated: Jun 12

A mid-week blog post? This is very unusual.

Well, writing to you today has been inspired by a letter (an email really) that I received from my friend Charley. You might have heard me talking about her; she is the creative genius behind Charley Rabbit Illustrations. We met years and years ago when I wrote a blog article about her pop-up Christmas shop. We have been writing to each other ever since and not only has she become a close friend but also someone who I can ping-pong creative ideas to, no matter how whimsical, foolish or dreamy.

We both run Etsy shops and she brought up in her letter, the topic of social media. I have a sort of love/hate relationship with it all. Without Instagram, I would have never have discovered some incredible people, brands and businesses, however, after a few minutes of browsing or trying to come up with a relentless stream of content (which often has a lot of heart and soul poured into it) I am often left feeling like a bit of a trampled daisy. You know, sort of limp. With a few petals missing. Definitely not the sunny, happy face that I was beforehand.

So I told Charley that I would conduct an experiment. I love taking photos. I love talking to people. I love having a little creative space on the internet.

What would happen if, instead of worrying about keeping up with the Instagram algorithms and having to change what you want to say so that the people who you want to talk to might actually get to see it, I would put my pictures and thoughts on here. I wouldn't even have to worry about hashtags. I don't want to categorise my life and our beautiful products into hashtags. I mean. Come on!

An as an added bonus... our Mums would get to see what we were up to. None of them are on Instagram!

So this is it. My first try. Below, is the photo that I have put onto Instagram for today and the last for a while (I'll be letting people know that they can come here if they would like a little dose of Wild Home in their day).

The reason why I decided to photograph our Joto Throw Blankets today is that they are one of the most visited items in our Etsy shop! They are made from acrylic, but this means that they are super soft and can be thrown into the wash without a worry. We use them in the back of the car (who loves a blanket in the car for a long journey?), at the beach, as picnic blankets, over the sofa or as throws on the end of the bed. Bruce always talks about how, when he first met Amit back in their school days, how Amit had a version of our 'Spice' Joto throw on his bed. It's funny that Spice is now our best seller!

The other highlight of our week has been our crop of courgettes. They keep sprouting up each day and I'm slightly worried that we will be eating them in our breakfast soon! Still a bit proud that I grew them from a seed and here they are, alive and producing a decent amount of things that we can actually eat!

What has your week been like? How do you find social media? Please let me know your thoughts too and if you think you might like to keep up-to-date, subscribe to our blog so that you get a little ping when we post something. Or, just check the website when you feel like it. I love the thought of quietening the noise (although, I am really, really hoping you like our brand of noise)!

Ok, signing off properly now. Until next time x

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