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Break Out From The Blue - How To Beat The Winter Blues

It always seems to happen from about now, the middle of January, when the fairy lights and gingerbread houses of Christmas are a distant memory, that we really become aware of the darkness and cold around us. Small incidences and events that normally we could shake off and forget can get magnified as we naturally look inward during these short days.

Me looking moody and cold!

Noticing and accepting is the first step - ‘I’ve realised that that I’m letting things get to me,’ for example, ‘I think I have a bit of the winter blues and that’s ok because I can take some small actions to improve my outlook.’

It’s time to treat yourself and break free from those blues!

Now, if you’re reading this and know a bit about what I do at Wild Home, you will probably know that we have an Etsy shop where we sell the most be-au-ti-ful lifestyle accessories that have been handmade in Kenya. When I say ‘treat yourself’ it is not an encouragement to go and spend money! Of course, if you are feeling abundant, have gifts to buy or want to value yourself by spending your cash, that is a lovely choice that you are free to make. However today, I am going to look at the mainly free or inexpensive ways that the team and I have found to bring joy to our days in these dark, winter months.

Here are our top ten ways to beat the winter blues:

We actually even had a staff meeting to discuss these!

1. Keep those fairy lights working their magic! If the day is gloomy, we have some tiny string lights hanging around the office which provide a soft light and immediately make the day feel just that little bit more special. [The whole team]

2. Put flowers on your desk. These can be garden flowers and greenery, an inexpensive bunch of roses from the supermarket or a real treat with a trip to the florist. If you like flowers and their sunny vibes, you will feel a lift every time you look at your desk. [Hannah]

I love Alstromeria

3. Always have something small in the diary to look forward to. This can be whatever lights you up. Things to include could be: riding your bike, building Lego and going out with friends. [Bruce and Amit]

4. Embrace winter and all of the experiences that it brings that you don't get during those warm summer months; put on cosy socks and wrap yourself in a lovely blanket. [Jakub]

5. Run a hot bath and make it a proper experience; light candles, put in some essential oils and take time out to read your book. [Amit]

6. Taking time out each and every day to do something that treats your mind; practise yoga, meditate or think about what you are really grateful for. Even five minutes a day makes a massive difference to how you feel all of the time. [Amit and Hannah]

7. Get out there! The wind may be howling, the rain might be that horrendous wet drizzle that instantly soaks you, but there is nothing more cathartic than getting outside for a walk. As long as you're properly dressed, the weather is not usually an issue! [Bruce]

8. Switch off those devices! Spend time away from the harsh light of computer and phone screens and enjoy the goodness of natural light. You might even go a step further and have a whole weekend dedicated to a phone detox. It's very refreshing! [Jakub]

9. Celebrate your home. More time indoors means time for new activities and enjoying your home. Our current favourites include a pot of tea alongside a game of Exploding Kittens. [The whole team]

10. Cook a new dish. Learn to bake something new like a cake or a special bread and then share it with friends and family. There is almost nothing more enjoyable than getting together with the people you love and sharing food! It's generally how all of our staff meetings are run! [Amit]

Gluten Free Cranberry Muffins

I bet you already do loads of these and a whole heap of extra things that we haven't even thought of. Please leave a comment below if you can up our 'winter-joy' game by giving us a suggestion. Don't forget to subscribe below if you would like to be notified each time we write a post (it's usually every Sunday).

Have a great day. x


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