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Follow Your Bliss

"Follow Your Bliss"

I can't remember where I read this but it stayed with me so much that I have it written out on a bright orange post-it note and have it stuck above my desk. I believe the theory behind this phrase is that you should always move towards what you love and do more of that.

So with it being Valentine's weekend and all, I asked some members of the Wild Home family to share their favourite things. Sometimes, by giving yourself a moment to think about what you enjoy enables you to focus and dedicate more time towards it. The danger is, that in our busy lives, we often don't reflect upon the things that light us up and they slip past us, unnoticed. Ooh it got deep there for a moment!

I hope you have fun finding out a bit more about the team and if you fancy having a go (please do!) you can find and screenshot a blank version of our 'Favourite Things Quiz' over on our Instagram stories. Please just tag us in your story so that we can read it too!

Well done if you made it through to the end! It's your turn now! Head on over to our Insta page - click the stories (or if you are reading this a few days later than published, you'll find what you need in our story highlights), screenshot the template, fill it in for yourself and put it onto your Insta story. Just remember to tag us so that we can see too!

See you next week! x


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