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How To Make An Origami Heart

After conducting a quick poll in the Wild Home office the other day, we realised that none of us are particularly big on Valentine’s Day. We were all of the same thought that love should be spread and shared every day (that makes it sound a bit like marmite)! Despite this, perhaps the approach of Valentine’s Day is a nice reminder to do just that.

While photographing some of our Soapstone Boxes that feature pretty, beaded hearts on their lids, I had the idea of reaching back into my distant memory to remember how to fold paper into little Origami hearts. My plan was to take the product photos with the hearts around the box and then inside them. I imagined that it might be lovely to give a box filled with paper hearts or little messages to someone you love.

Read on below if you would like to have a go at making Origami hearts for yourself!

The first step for me, was to source some paper to print off and use for my Origami. There are some beautiful papers on Etsy and if I was going to expand my Origami repertoir, I would definitely be looking to buy a pack. As it was, with only a few hearts needed, I headed to Mr P‘s Printables and downloaded (for free) a few pages of colourful heart paper to print out.

Now for the actual making of the hearts:

Perhaps try first on a piece of scrap paper before committing yourself to using your best piece!

1. You need a square piece of paper. My little hearts were made from squares with side lengths between 8 and 10 cm. You can either measure them out and draw a square on the back of your paper or fold a triangle into your paper and cut around it (once opened out, it forms a square).

2. Fold your square in half so that it makes a rectangle. Do this horizontally, open the paper out and then repeat vertically

3. With your square open and the 'wrong' side of the paper facing you, fold an edge of the square into the middle so that the actual edge touches the middle crease that you made earlier. Rotate the paper around and do this on the other side too. Now fold the whole thing completely in half, along that centre line, so that you have got a rectangle.

4. Using the vertical middle of your rectangle as a guide, fold up the end of your rectangle diagonally and up before repeating with the other end (thank goodness for pictures - this was horrendous to try and describe)!

5. Flip your almost-heart over onto the back.

6. You now want to fold the tips of the two ‘arms’ inwards and diagonally to create a point.

7. Fold each arm over and tuck into the little flap that you have made towards the bottom of the heart. Press the folds down to make a good crease.

8. Flip your heart over again before using your nail to create little inward folds to round off the sharp edges.

...and you’re done!

Now that you have made one, you can make lots in different sizes and on different papers. You can send them in the mail, put them into boxes, fill jars with them or string them up to make a garland. Whatever you choose you are bound to spread the love!

Thank you to my friend, when at aged 10, you showed me how to make Origami hearts, boats and water balloons. Sorry I never quite managed the crane!

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