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How To Use Baskets As Planters

We are massive fans of a bit of inside greenery but there is nothing more disappointing than putting your new plant in pride of place and then noticing its rather dreary run-of-the-mill pot.

Of course you can buy some snazzy ceramic or plastic plant containers and completely repot your palm/cactus/string of hearts or... you can plop them into baskets. Instant, global-home (its a new trend, I promise!) tropical, coastal vibes!

We have a range of new handwoven baskets in the Etsy shop; from big to small, neutral colours to jazzy, finely woven with beads or more minimalist.

If you are using baskets as planters there are a few things to remember:

  • They don't tend to be waterproof!

  • Water your plant out of the basket and let it drain before putting it back in.

  • Consider lining your basket at the bottom with some plastic to give it some protection from the pot's wet bottom!

  • They look great grouped together in clusters and plants like to be in groups too.

  • Measure your pot dimensions carefully before buying a basket. Baskets are way more forgiving than other containers as they aren't so rigid but still, you don't want to be trying to squish your sansevieria into a tiny basket.

  • Baskets that are strong in colour can provide a lift to drab areas of the home (think beside the back door, on stairs or by neutral walls and woodwork.

  • Natural coloured baskets are a safe bet anywhere and fit with most colour schemes.

If you'd like to shop our range of baskets, or come and chat to us, head on over to our Etsy shop here.

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