• Hannah

Saturday: Some Firsts!

Our current office peg board message. They are supposed to be in some way, motivational. Often, they end up just being a bit random and funny. You may know where this phrase comes from if you have been keeping up-to-date with our Podcast!

Over the last few days, we've been printing and cutting out some more of our packaging stickers. We had so much fun designing these (ok, maybe I had so much fun designing these!) and despite us always favouring the tropical colours, they sometimes get a tweak for the new seasons.

We had some new gold foil washi tapes arrive which are so pretty and shiny! We use these, along with our usual navy tissue paper, to wrap up your orders.

We also had a first this week! Our first ever orders to Australia! We were so excited and after all of the usual printing out of shipping labels and customs forms, they went off on their journey across the oceans!

We hope you have a lovely weekend. x

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