• Hannah

Sunday: New In!

Hello! We hope you are having a relaxing Sunday, with tea, papers and a breezy walk perhaps?

We have had some delicious new arrivals in the shop... well we say new, but some are a restock of trusty faithfuls! Nevertheless, the office has felt the buzz of all of the excitement that comes with new arrivals; photos, styling, carefully putting it all away.

Firstly, we have a few new salad spoons; some horn handled pairs, some beautifully carved spoons with spiral handles and a few pairs with extremely pretty beading.

It's hard to choose but this beadwork might be our all time favourite!

We also have some new bags in some stunning colours. There are chocolates, blood oranges and a very, very stylish navy!

That fabric is just... beaut!

There are lots of other bits popping into the shop so please drop by and take a look. We are able to gift wrap and pretty much send to anywhere you like, just let us know!

We hope you have a lovely rest of your day. Please pop a little click onto the heart at the bottom of the page and as always, come on over to Etsy or leave us a comment if you fancy a chat! x


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