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The Best Games To Play During Lockdown

Hi my friends. How are you today? I hope that despite the restrictions to daily lives and worry for your loved ones, you are beginning to settle into some sort of routine. Maybe you have been finding pockets of relaxation and joy in amongst all of the crazy.

After some long conversations, we decided after hearing the message from the PM, to put the Etsy shop on holiday mode for the time being. This means that our listings aren’t visible in any searches and there can be no sales. We are still able to send out our final orders and continue replying to our messages and emails but to all effect, the shop is closed for now.

So although things have become quieter in one sense, the behind-the-scenes tasks have grown and I’m feeling the pressure to make use of all of this time at home. I read a wonderful piece yesterday that struck a chord with me ‘you do not have to be productive during lockdown’. While this was a great reminder for me to take some time out, I don’t think I will ever be able to completely embrace the idea - it’s not in my nature!

The rest of the WH team are either working from home too or have stopped work temporarily because they are not able to get out to buy the materials that they need. So we are all sort of frozen in time slightly.

Who Am I? - Disney Princess Version

In order to keep our spirits up and encourage some of us to take life slowly (yes, yes, I know, they mean me!) we have been fitting in some board game slots during the day. I’m still trying to figure out a way of playing a board game over Zoom so that the whole WH team can play. If anyone knows a work-around, please let me know!

He’s very good at this bit, just not the asking questions bit!

One of the silliest games we’ve been playing is ‘Who Am I?’ - you know, where you think of a topic, say, Disney Princesses. You write out their names on sticky notes, shuffle them and then everyone sticks one on their forehead. Each player takes turns to use ‘yes or no’ questions to try and figure out who they are. While some of us struggle to keep the stickies on our heads, others struggle to even ask the questions (as in the photo above)!

No, you shall not see my cards!

We‘ve been playing two card games on a permanent rotation; one being Uno (such a classic) and the other being Exploding Kittens, which, if you are new to the game, is like Uno and Buckaroo had a baby. There are lots of silly cards and an added fear of getting an Exploding Kitten and dying. It’s very silly and very fun. As there are cards which give you the power to steal other peoples cards that you might want, I end up making the face above quite regularly!

Not another Water Rise card - doh!

The other game, which was introduced to us, and actually given to us, by some very good friends of ours, is Forbidden Island. This game has become a little bit too addictive in our house. It is a collaborative game where you work together to save yourselves (and the treasure) from an archipelago of sinking islands. At the moment, despite starting on ‘Novice’ level, our win-lose ratio is about 1:1.

On Instagram, because that is where I am now living due to not being able to share photos through the shop, I asked people to name their favourite games. We had a range of great ideas including:

* Monopoly - Star Wars version (I didn’t even know there was a Star Wars version, how exciting)!

* Risk - a true classic and one that I never really understood as a child. I think it’s time to revisit it.

* Jenga - an excellent game and I love how sneaky you can be when removing the bricks.

* Twister - just take off your heels and dive in!

* Carcassone - strategic fun with lots of expansion packs!

What are you favourites? Please let me know in the comments below. Also, on that point, please come over and see us on Instagram if you’re not following already, as we post daily updates and quite often some silliness to get people smiling!

Above all, take care of yourselves. Stay safe and calm and enjoy the time with your family if you are all able to be under the same roof. See you next week, x


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