• Hannah

Thursday: Podcast Recording Day!

We can't quite believe that we have just recorded our final Podcast episode for series one!

Amit, Bruce and I all got together again to sum up the last six weeks. On Sunday, we will share with you some of the difficulties that we encounter, working across two continents. As always, I'll put a link on here so that you can come and join in with the fun!

We had our serious faces on at the beginning while we tried to link up with Amit on the other end of the line. Plus it was raining buckets, which is a tricky thing to battle when you are trying to get really good sound quality!

Once we had figured it all out and we started chatting - the hilarity and fooling around started. We ended up talking for far too long about how Amit makes a cup of tea!! Apparently it is a family tradition and a bit of a secret ritual - we got him to share it for the Podcast though.

...and that's a wrap! Final episode recorded!

Please press the little heart at the bottom of the post to let us know that you were here (thank you to all of you lovely people who did it yesterday - we noticed)!!! ...and of course, please join us on Sunday for the Podcast finale.

Until tomorrow. x


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