• Hannah

Wednesday: What We're Wearing

We became a bit giddy over our new hairclip barrettes and have been wearing flowers in our hair for the last few days. Even the boys were deciding whether they could style one in their untamed Coronavirus-no-hairdressers-open hairdos!

We have four different designs currently available. The one above is called 'Kenyan Daisy' and really pops on darker hair colours.

If you have fine hair, one of these barrettes would easily hold an entire ponytail. If you have thick hair (like me) they work well in a half-up style.

For those of us running around and getting a little dishevelled during our days, I find that creating your hairstyle with a usual, thin ponytail band first, before putting in your hairclip works the best. That way, you know it will all stay put and still look beautiful!

We've also had a range of beautiful Kenyan kikoys arrive. These were a bit of a surprise! (Sometimes, when we get a delivery, our lovely Kenyan team put some extra special surprises in the box).

Despite us wanting to keep every single one for ourselves, we stood firm and listed them on the Etsy shop!

I'm not sure which design is my favourite, as each one has its own draw. However...

This one is called coconut and pink. It just melts my heart!!

The Post Office is calling now, so we're off to make our deliveries. We hope you have a wonderfully, sunny day ahead. x


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