• Hannah

What’s New In February

Hello! Today I write to you on the palindromic day 02/02/2020, which feels very special as the next one will be on 12/12/2121! A long way away! (If you’re interested, the previous palindromic date came 909 years ago)!

I don’t think I realised how long a month January was, until we were in the final few days and February was peeking out at us from over the hedge. January was quite a bleak, rainy month with only a few days of glorious, soul-lifting sunshine. However, its dreariness has been quickly forgotten with the first signs of Spring; the arrival of the snowdrops, the green growth of the early tulips and even buds on the hawthorn bushes.

I thought that today’s post would be a good chance for an update on what’s been happening. If you’re a visitor to our Etsy shop, you may have noticed lots of new items being added. We have some pretty soapstone gifts, many of which are quite rare and unique, as well as some new kitchen items and homewares (including my favourite small salad servers made from the most beautiful olive wood).

There is also a lot happening in the background. We are currently planning our new stock, which is due to arrive towards the end of February. This re-stock will include lots of the items that we are running low on or have run out of (a great position to be in, so thank you to all of our customers)! We will also be bringing in some more handmade Easter-themed items and (fingers crossed) some new sandal designs ready for that early Spring sunshine!

In addition to the business of the shop, we are looking towards the rest of the year and where we feel the call to provide support. There are so many incredible and worthwhile causes, that it can be hard to choose a focus. Each year, we sit together as a team and talk through the global issues that are close to our hearts. We make a decision together on how and where we feel our support will be the most effective.

Although we still have decisions to make, we have all agreed to continue our wish to support Kenyan wildlife. We plan to visit local agencies, while in Kenya, and see where the need is, whether it be on the ground help or financial donations. We will keep you posted!

...and of course, it has been such a pleasure over the last few months to continue to build our relationships with our incredible artisans. Through consistent sales on the Etsy shop, we are able to provide regular business for our craftsmen and women. In turn, they are able to grow their businesses and share the joy of their wonderful items being loved all over the world!

Thank you, as always, for your continued support and for taking the time to read today's post. Have a wonderful week ahead. x


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