• Hannah

Wild Home: Tales From Africa - The Podcast!

This blog post feels like a very special moment for us at Wild Home as it marks the release of our first ever Podcast! Looking back, I’m not quite sure how it came about, although I think it was one of Jakub’s genius ideas. I do know however, that it has got us all very, very excited and that we can’t wait to share our particular brand of crazy African magic with you.

We’ve called it Wild Home: Tales from Africa as we hope to share with you, not only a view from inside our Wild Home Etsy shop but also the special and often hilarious tales that we experienced or grew up with, as part of our African heritage.

In Episode 1, titled The Launch and the Lizard, we talk to our co-founder Amit about how Wild Home Online was born and also share a few funny stories about a Cobra and a Lizard.

To have a listen, please click here:

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(P.S. we will be releasing a new episode, every Sunday, for as long as we have stories to tell)! x


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