• Hannah

Wooden Spoons and Lamp Wicks

Hello! I hope you are having a good start to your weekend.

The weather here has been unsettled, with stormy and dark afternoons, which although initially caused a bit of frustration over photography lighting (or lack of it) actually paved the way for us to spend a bit more time on the website. Cleaning up the site felt a bit like when you do a spring clean of your kitchen cupboards, everything goes back in its own place and looks inviting and gleamy.

This week we’ve been seeing our olive wood salad spoons continue to fly out of the Etsy shop. We will have more in next week so no need to panic if you were planning to treat yourself to a pair.

We tie each of our Kula salad spoon pairs up with a piece of recycled Kenyan lamp wick. It adds such a nice rustic finish - especially if you are buying these for a gift.

The wicks were a happy accident! Sadly, a lamp making factory was closing down in Nairobi and a man was selling all of these cotton lamp wicks to try and make a last bit of money before the factory shut for good. The minute Amit saw them, he knew we could use them and I think we pretty much bought every last one that the man had. He made a quick sale and could relax, going about his day with some extra money and we had something beautiful to tie up our spoons with.

I love their slightly frayed edges and the red ticking that goes through the middle!

The other very exciting news from this week is that Agnes has finished another beautiful set of leather beaded dog collars for us. Along with some other items that we are waiting to restock, the collars should be on their way to the UK next week. Due to the current covid situation, there is currently only one cargo plane leaving Kenya each week, on a Tuesday. All of the parcels have to wait in line and if the plane gets filled up, your shipment has to wait a whole week to try and get on the next plane.

As Amit tried to reassure me yesterday, he spoke the very grounding words: ‘At least it’s not coming by boat.’

Yes, that would be a whole different sort of waiting time!

So I'm now going to settle down and start recording tomorrow's podcast. Yes, I have very much waited until the last minute this week and I am most definitely feeling the pressure. A pot of tea and some biscuits will make the whole thing feel less tense and more like the chat and catch up that it is supposed to.

Have a great weekend and hopefully see (errr. hear? errr. sense?) you on the podcast tomorrow. x


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